I thought I invented Smartisan about five years ago but, if Google doesn’t think so, it must not be true. A Chinese consumer electronics company has all of the top search rankings.

Does smartisan need a definition to distinguish it from its rhyming antonym?

I prefer it to partisan because; to me at least, smartisan implies governing and solving problems rather than just contesting elections.

I don’t think my word is winning.

Right now, the partisan divide flashes like the red lights on police cars accompanied by the sound of submarine klaxons from old war movies. The coastal ribbons of blue are at war with red flyover country though please don’t read me to say the opposite is not equally true.

Nobody can agree to anything that does not support his side of the partisan divide. Imagine the sports page under those rules.

“The Cubs won the World Series.”

“Fake news. No they didn’t.”

“The Patriots won the Super Bowl.”

“Fake news. No they didn’t.”

Those conversations don’t happen because not even rabid sports fans are that partisan.

Amanda Taub had a story in The New York Times called “The Real Story About Fake News is Partisanship.”

Two sentences especially caught my eye:

“Americans’ deep bias against the political party they oppose is so strong that it acts as a kind of partisan prism for facts, refracting a different reality to Republicans than to Democrats.”

“You want to show others that Republicans are bad or Democrats are bad, and your tribe is good. Social media provides a unique opportunity to publicly declare to the world what your beliefs are and how willing you are to denigrate the opposition and reinforce your own political candidates.”

For years I have been trying to imagine what it is that Americans like about their political parties. I sure can’t think of much. The question I should have been asking is what do Americans hate about the other party. That is a far easier answer. Thank you Amanda.

If the United States had a parliamentary system, plans for a “no confidence” vote would be well underway unless, of course, the vote had already happened. Since we don’t have that system there are no rules for how such a process would work but, if we did, I suspect the vote would be close.

Few, if any, have considered what would happen after such a no-confidence vote. That is the sort of thing smartisans think about.

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