At 10:07 PM on Wednesday October 19, Donald Trump did a tired and angry America a huge favor by ending the presidential election almost three weeks early.  We just got three weeks of our lives back. Let’s use them wisely.

To sports “manalogize,” Trump had fourth down with 40 yards to go on his own 20 yard line with no time outs and the clock running down.

And that was before the debate began.

At 10:07 PM, he dropped back for a Hail Mary pass. He stood in the end zone and, instead of throwing the ball, he placed it on the ground inviting the swarm of Hillary defenders to pounce on it after running back and forth over his prostrate body with their cleats.

A game that was no longer in doubt became a rout that now threatens the careers of all his elected team mates.

Here are the four libertyPell tweets in the minutes following the single greatest gaffe in presidential debate history.

Bad answer on accepting the result of the election. Likely to be tomorrow’s story #debatenight 10:08PM

He did pretty well at the beginning but the answer on not supporting the election result means he loses the third debate.  #debatenight 10:09PM

He had lost before this but there is no recovery from not supporting the election outcome. Not sure how this gets spun.  #debatenight 10:10PM

Whatever good things he tried to do for himself will be eradicated by the failure to accept election result answer.  #debatenight 10:11 PM

July 4 is our national holiday but a case can be made for January 20, the day we inaugurate presidents with neither soldiers nor tanks in the streets. More than anything else, that differentiates us from other counties.

Call that into question and you lose because you deserve to lose.

Hillary Clinton is among the most corrupt candidates for President in our history. Her campaign is a disgrace and she is ethically deficient. It is her extraordinary good fortune to come up against someone worse, whom she will defeat handily.

In the Spring of 2013, I went the National Press Club to hear about the results of the GOP “autopsy” following the Mitt Romney defeat. The best thing about the event was frosted sugar cookies that looked like red, white and blue elephants. The GOP learned nothing.

gop cookies
The Republican National Committee has failed spectacularly and it deserves the internecine carnage that will follow.

A center right “responsibility” party is a good thing and the country needs one, but these are not the people to run it.

I will vote for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld on Election Day. My vote will make no difference to the outcome in Washington, DC. Hillary will win with more than 90%.

I will vote for them for several reasons.

I have known Bill my entire life and I like and respect him enormously. He is by a wide margin the best candidate in the eight-person field.

I will not vote for Hillary.

I can not vote for Trump.

I hope my tiny little vote contributes to the demise of both the Democratic and Republican parties and ends their duopoly that governs our governing.

They have failed their country for the worst of reasons. They have not tried.

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